Best Canadian babywearing group 2019

Best Canadian babywearing group 2019

Congratulations to the Grand Prairie Lending Library, the winner of the best babywearing library for 2019. Scroll down to read their nomination.

Grand Prairie Babywearing Lending Library

  • This is where I first learned to wear my baby. The group hosts meet ups, teaches proper carrier use, provides a community for new parents to meet other new parents, and also allows parents to borrow carriers. The library is really nice because it is so accessible.
  • The lending library is awesome because you can try out a lot of carriers to find the perfect one to suit you and baby before you splash the cash! Teresa, a facilitator, is super knowledgeable about so many carriers and how to use them with different sized babies and children.
  • I love the GP lending library because it’s a super friendly and supportive place to meet other moms and swap stories and tips! I have enjoyed all the library play dates.
  • My sister and I had Jessica come over to give us a private lesson on a few of the carriers. She was punctual and professional- not to mention patient, as our babies decided they needed to eat every ten minutes! She knew all of the wraps and carriers very well and had a lot of tips to share that we may not have learned from the instructions.

Grand Prairie Lending Library Facebook page.


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Regina Babywearing

  • Regina Babywearing is a supportive and fun group. They were really helpful, and are one of the biggest groups in Saskatchewan and a good one to be a part of. I have made friendships from this group.
  • This group is great! They always answer questions to new members and share tips and tricks that make babywearing easier. The admins are active and have a wealth of experience to offer. They have helped to start and support many babywearing journies.
  • Regina Babywearing have an active lending library and work hard to support local businesses. This is important because they help with ensuring that babywearing is accessible for all parents, and supporting all members of the community.

Regina Babywearing facebook group

Carry me close

  • I will admit that I received the most help from CMC 3 years ago when I started babywearing. They are one of the longest running groups in Canada and have such a wealth of experience.
  • I like Carry me close because it is a great group. It was where I first learned how to babywear myself. In Toronto, it is much easier to take public transportation because navigating the city and finding parking can be such a pain. The first meetings I attended were inaccessible by stroller motivating me to really learn babywearing. Taking a stroller is so impractical.
  • They hold meetings regularly, serve a large population and really aim to be inclusive. It is all volunteer run, and the meeting I went to in the east end was really well run. The eduators are fabulous, and I first went to learn how to use my ring sling. It got me hooked into babywearing when a very nice and approachable eduator taught me how to use a ring sling properly.
  • I like the chatter group. I learned a lot about babywearing myths and what really was important to look out for to babywear properly.

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