The Wonder of Madder Roots

The Wonder of Madder Roots

Have you ever been to Northern Ontario?  There is a babywearing wonder up there called Madder Roots.  It is a small hand woven wrap company started by Jenna Dahl, a lovely, well-spoken Madder_Roots_LogoCMYK-01woman with a passion for art in fabric form.

Jenna has been an artist for as long as she can remember.  But she truly discovered her passion for weaving while completing her degree in design at the Ontario College of Art and Design, for everything about the process of making cloths is fascinating and beautiful to her.  The math needed to preparing the threads, as well as setting up the loom are incredibly labour intensive processes. Yet, there is a meditative flow and beautiful symmetry to the process that captures the weaver each and every time.

Jenna likes to work collaboratively on all of her projects with her clients in order to create a one of a kind woven baby carrier that is unique, each and every single time.

Her enthusiasm for weaving, her love of working with the entire creation process from start to finish, and her excellent customer service and client skills is one of the main reasons she was hand chosen to work on this year’s exclusive Babywearing in Canada wraps, which will be up for auction during #BWICweek, which runs from May 19, 2015, to May 21, 2015.  There are two wraps to be auctioned off this year, a three metre custom and a four metre custom twill.

Let me tell you all about the #BWICweek custom wrap creation process.

11080316_958130779128_982973844003484726_oFirst, she creates a series of computer mock-ups with your colour choices.  BWIC colours are red, white, and black.

I was provided with this and immediately told the First Babywearing in Canada Conference planning group all about it.  They got to choose the colourways for this year’s custom, and boy did the group ever explode with chatter that day!  Everyone was so excited.  Can you spot the two colourways that were chosen?

on loom 4Watching this whole process is utterly fascinating because Jenna photobombs you with every single step of the process.  From counting the threads, to getting the loom ready.  It is one wrapswoon after another.
And just when you least expect it, a message saying the wraps are off the loom, ready for washing, and on their way to you.wrap 3 on loom  This is the 3 metre long custom she designed for #BWICweek.  One is to be raffled off to any conference attendee. Have you bought your ticket yet?

Here are the wraps fresh off the loom.  Doesn’t it look neat.

wash 3

And here is one of our customs after it has had a nice wash.

all doneMadder Roots created two custom wraps for #BWICweek auctions 2015. A three metre wrap in one colourway, which is seen here on the left. A second four metre twill weave with a completely different colourway is seen here on the right. Both to be listed during #BWICweek.
To see more of our Babywearing in Canada custom wrap journey, or to learn more about the wonderful work that Jenna does, visit her website.

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