SILVER Conference Sponsors

SILVER Conference Sponsors


About Bumbini

Bumbini was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing cloth diapers to suit every family. Katie Mark took it over November 2012, and is proud to be continuing on that tradition of helping families discover how fantastic cloth diapers are. Many of the cloth diaper companies out there, especially online, are geared towards parents who already have a lot of knowledge of cloth diapers and the commonly used lingo. For this very reason, Katie tries very hard to make Bumbini a great online store for people starting with cloth. Bumbini’s website is easy to navigate and broken down into easy to understand sections, and includes great resources for parents new to cloth, including an online workshop, diaper trial program, newborn rental kit and a blog with a (hopefully) humorous take on common cloth diaper topics.

I am so proud to be Canadian and I love to support other Canadian companies, so I carry as many Canadian products as I can including Bummis, Funky Fluff, Anointment, Monkey Doodlez and Applecheeks.

I have the incredible privilege to stay at home with my two kids, and do my work when they are asleep (those glorious couple of hours they actually sleep!) I could not be happier to spend every day watching my kids grow up, and owning Bumbini allows me to do that.

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“Bumbini’s attention to detail and their ability to explain cloth diapering very simply, coupled with their great selection for parents with all levels of experience sets them apart from a lot of the other cloth diapering businesses out there.  I can also attest to their support of Canadian businesses, they were the very first company to step forward to support the First Babywearing in Canada Conference, which helps us build the start of something phenomenal!” Débora Rodrigues, President & CEO of Babywearing in Canada.

Check out this year’s agenda for the First Babywearing in Canada Conference.
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About Eco Chic Movement

ECM-logoDr.  Alexis Reid is a chemical engineer and former breast cancer researcher, turned naturopathic doctor. While she was doing her master’s degree in toxicology, Dr Reid was shocked to discover that chemicals well established to be linked to breast cancer are commonly found in skin care products. Dr. Reid knows that these days it seems like you need a degree in chemistry to try and decipher the ingredient list on your skin care products and she doesn’t like the green washing the larger companies are using to essentially trick consumers into buying products that are still full of unsafe chemicals.  Chemicals with known links to cancers and should never be used on your skin or those of your child.

So she set out to do something about it by starting Eco Chic Movement (ECM). Eco Chic Movement brings you 100% chemical free safe, effective skin care. ECM’s mission is to make skin care products that work as well as chemical laden products without the risk.

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“Eco Chic Movement’s Skin Conditions Cream is amazing. We tried tons of oils and different creams for our baby’s eczema and excessive dryness due to Ottawa’s harsh winter and Skin Conditions is the only cream that actually helped reduce the irritation (and it was getting bad!). We also love that it is made in Canada and free from parabens, phthalates and sulfates. Yay for a local solution.” Simona Ioffe, Social Media Guru, BWIC Team

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