Meet François Lavallée – Panelist BWIC Conference 2016

Meet François Lavallée – Panelist BWIC Conference 2016


François Lavallée is a loving and dedicated father of a toddler, and is raising him with his wife Brenda. François feels he is like most dads in that he wants to do what’s best for his child and even changed jobs because having more time at home with his son was very important. As a result, François has enjoyed watching his little boy grow, celebrated each of his milestones, and has discovered the wonder of seeing the world through his son’s eyes, as the most mundane things become new again. It is what makes fatherhood so special to François. François will be sharing his experiences at the Babywearing in Canada Conference. Come and listen to him in person.

François feels that it is his responsibility to support his wife and actively take part in the raising of his son. Being supportive has always been an important part of his relationship with his wife, and has continued during her pregnancy. This support included hiring a doula for the birth of their son and enabled him to help coached and support his wife through this incredible experience. François ensured his wife rests often, gives her back rubs, cooks dinner, all while attempting to pick up every single item she craves!

As a first time father, he found the breastfeeding experience to be trickier than he initially thought. François’ son had a tongue tie and lip tie which made breastfeeding difficult. Even though it was corrected within four days of birth, it was two weeks before the baby started breastfeeding with ease.

During this early time, François learned that there seems to be a lot of misinformation available on the internet on breastfeeding. From his point of view:

“A lot of misinformation can lead to people giving up on breastfeeding, or sometimes, not even trying. I find that’s a real shame.”

He is glad they were both able to rely on the coaching from their doula during this difficult period. François also feels that being supportive is an important aspect of being a partner, which includes making sure he does his fair share around the home.  He says, “If you don’t, it’ll create resentment and put undue stress on your relationship.”

Though as a father, François was not responsible breastfeeding, he did not feel it impeded his ability to be an important person in his son’s life. François was always in charge of bath time, did night time feeds, and carried him whenever possible. Both he and his wife wore their son. What he loved most about babywearing was being to be able to be so close to his son, to be able to comfort him, to communicate and just take in the small moments. Babywearing is also really practical because he could take care of his son, do the dishes, and help with nap times. As a result, François feels he has created some wonderful memories of bonding with his son. His favourite thing is seeing the happiness in his son’s eyes when he comes home from work – this fills him with warmth. François enjoys celebrating all the milestones in his son’s life, big and small.

Knowing that Brenda and his son value him makes him feel strong, loved, and valued. He and Brenda are expecting their second child soon, and he cannot wait to meet this new baby. François looks forward to babywearing his new little one when he or she arrives.

François is sharing his story on the breastfeeding panel at the Babywearing in Canada Conference – come and connect, learn from a dad’s perspective what breastfeeding support means.

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