GOLD Sponsor – BWICweek 2017

GOLD Sponsor – BWICweek 2017

Babywearing in Canada is very proud to announce that manduca1 is the GOLD sponsor for the 6th Annual Babywearing in Canada week which is from May 19 -27, 2017. Have you registered your event yet? Do it today – follow this link.

The company behind manduca was founded in 2002 and is located in Germany. From the very beginning manduca’s focus has been to inspire parents to wear their children by offering practical, beautiful products that parents enjoy using.2 manduca has always striven to be innovative in their carrier design. Starting with their first carrier, their original soft-structured carrier:

  • It allows babywearing right from birth because of the infant seat (baby insert).
  • The insert is thin and minimizes the amount of material between the baby and the parent’s body, increases the benefits of wearing. It is also easily rolled up and tucked away.
  • Their SSC has an innovative panel extension, allowing parents to have as long of a babywearing journey without needing to rely on upgrading as their child grows and changes in size. Easy to use, you simply unzip and voila! You have a larger carrier.
  • It was the first carrier to include so many features to adjust the carrier, from the dual adjustable straps on the bottom, the three way buckle at the waist, increased adjustability on the straps just above the panel to reduce or prevent stress on the parent’s body from babies who like to lean out.

Parents choose manduca because they also want a baby carrier made of organic fibres.  Sustainability, organic materials and fair production continue to take priority in everything they make. Nearly everyone who works at manduca is a parent, they are mums and dads, too. They know exactly how important it is to master the challenges parents face every day, all while keeping your hands and minds free of worry. Safe babywearing is their ultimate priority, as is peace of mind. manduca products are designed with all this without sacrificing beauty, comfort, or the environment.

The manduca baby carrier enables parents to keep their hands free, is made sustainable, offers ergonomic positioning for the parent and child, is extremely comfortable and versatile without sacrificing style.


1. Visit the manduca website to see more of their collection. And like their Facebook page!
2. More information on manduca can be found here on their blog.

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