Using carriers safely

The government of Canada has released several joint statements on baby carrier usage and safety. Take a minute to read what they have written.

Healthy Canadians, Government of Canada


Health Canada Advises on Safe Use of Baby Slings and Carriers, Babywearing in Canada week, Health Canada & BCIA, May 21, 2013.

Health Canada’s caution when using baby carriers, March 12, 2010.


From around the world


What you need to know about baby slings, Government of Australia.


Warning of soft sling use March 12, 2010 by CPSC, a US Organization.


Our values

Babywearing in Canada supports the use of cradle carry and early backwearing. We recognize that families have individual needs, and our goal has always been to support the ability of parents and caregivers to connect with their babies. Also, as a country with many cultures and traditions, we support the right of Canadians to wear their babies as they see fit.

Babywearing in Canada highly recommends prudence, however.  IF you do not have the skill to attempt a carrying technique, please get the help of an experienced carrying consultant or elder in your community. Make sure babies are well secured and  airway remains clear in the baby carrier at all times.

Recalls are listed on this page.