Carrying course details

Full training program

This is intended to be a one year course as follows:

Classroom hours of training in class or via video conferencing:
o Babywearing: 30 hours.
o Hands-on learning of carrying techniques
o Communicating with clients
o Social media and internet
o Post-partum support
o Best practices and business structure
o Anatomy: 30 hours.
o Breastfeeding and babywearing basics: 6 hours.

Full and partial anatomy exemptions will be issued graduates of a licensed medical profession as defined under your provincial Health Act. This list includes, but is not limited to the following: Doctors, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, and registered massage therapists. This exemption does not waive students from testing to the anatomy portion of the Post-Partum and Carrying Professionals Group certification exam.

Exemptions will also issued for lactation consultants who have trained through an approved certification like IBCLC, CAPPA, or equivalent.

Hours of practice and self-study:
o Babywearing: 50 hours.
o Breastfeeding and babywearing basics: 4 hours.
o Babywearing doll building tutorial.
o Website / social media: 50 hours.

The hours of self-study and practice outlined above for babywearing and breastfeeding are defined by the Post-Partum and Carrying Professionals Group.

Participation in online study groups is mandatory. Self-study includes reading and online discussions.

Students will be evaluated through:
o Written exams
o Evaluator testing of babywearing skill either in person or via conference
o Business templates
o Your name will be included in the new student announcements

o Babywearing: $600
o Anatomy: $275
o Breastfeeding basics: $125

Total is $1,000. GST/HST is extra.

All three parts are mandatory for the full program. Exemptions are made from the breastfeeding if the trainee is an IBCLC, CLC, La Leche League Leader or CAPPA trained lactation support worker. Exemptions are made for health professionals, per the Health Act of your provinces for the anatomy section.


Students can choose to pay their costs the following ways:
o Pay in full: $1,000 + HST
o Four partial payments of $265 + HST. Full payment is due before class session starts.

Full refund if withdrawal is requested in writing before session begins.
Refund of 70% in first two weeks. No refunds after first in class session.

Extension fee for clinical practicum: Additional 6 months $350.00. Extensions past 6 months are evaluated on a case by case basis.

Equipment and tools are extra. Students will need:
o Baby carriers.
o Babywearing dolls.
o Books and study materials.

All trainees must have already completed their CPR requirements prior to the course starting.

Classes are each arrange individually, and travel fees may apply in some cases.

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