Diane Pepin – Presenter 2016 Babywearing in Canada Conference

Diane Pepin is from Windsor, and like all babywearing professionals it was the birth of her first child in 1996 that started her on this path. Diane, unable to find good quality, affordable carriers started making baby carriers in 1997 and sells them to this day. When Tracy Downer started Wear Your Baby website (formerly known as Mamatoto), both Diane and Kristi Hayes-Devlin were Tracy’s main supporters, helping with much of the content. It was the most comprehensive babywearing instruction site of it’s time and can be found on the way back time machine here.

Diane started providing babywearing instruction and support in 1999 and still offers babywearing support for:

  • Wearing premature and vulnerable infants.
  • Down’s syndrome and other children with disabilities.
  • Parents with disabilities.
  • Babywearing and breastfeeding.
  • Post-partum help for the parents
  • And much more.

Diane lives and works in Windsor and can be reached through her website, Mother’s Helper.

Diane has been working as a doula since 1998. Diane became a CAPPA trained lactation educator in 1999 and since then, has offered extensive post-partum support to parents, particularly focusing on maternal and parental confidence. She also co-founded the Windsor and Essex County Breastfeeding Coalition.

Diane was nominated for the Best Canadian Babywearing Educator Award in 2017. She also presented at the 2016 Babywearing in Canada Conference.

Session: Babywearing and Breastfeeding
By Diane Pepin and Débora Rodrigues

Using your baby carrier to keep baby close helps the breastfeeding relationship enormously. Reading your baby’s cues is much easier when the baby is held closer to the mother, and father. In this session, Diane and Débora will discuss proper positioning when nursing in a variety of baby carriers and they will discuss what the baby is capable of at different ages. This includes when to use a cradle carry, when to nurse tummy to tummy, and finally, tips and tricks to be an active babywearer and to keep it safe.