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Stephanie George – BWIC Conference

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I am very pleased to announce Stephanie George as our keynote speaker for the opening day of the Babywearing in Canada Conference. To read about her presentation, follow this link or scroll down below. Attend this session virtually or in person – tickets on sale here.

Stephanie is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and an aboriginal midwife from the Oneida nation. She holds a B.A. Honours from Trent University and her biography includes:

  • involvement on the BFI Strategy Implementation Committee.
  • BSRC Key Messages Prenatal Advisory Committee Member.
  • Speaker on First Nations Breastfeeding Issues.
  • Speeches include Inaugural ILCA Lactation Summit.
  • Numerous publications as writer, advisor or photographer.

Happily Married to Dave, mother of four children, two stepchildren, and in her spare time, Steph enjoys reading and taking her family to the theatre.

Read her article about Canada’s need to adopt the WHO code regarding formula advertizing, and follow her on twitter!

Come and listen to Stephanie speak at the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre. Tickets available here.

May 20, 2016, at 10:00 am
Babywearing in Canada Conference
Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre

Breastversion 1feeding our children for the health of our Nations

Presented by Stephanie George, Oneida Nation, IBCLC, Aboriginal Midwife

To read more about Stephanie George’s biography, follow this link.



In Native Culture, to heal a person, you must first heal the family. Using latest research in areas of lactation and trauma, she will discuss how inter-generational trauma affects First Nations Communities today. Looking at Social Determinants of Health as a base for the inequalities of health in Canada and the constant uphill climb First Nations Women constantly battle, it will be shown that Breastfeeding can help heal women, children, and families from inter-generational trauma.

Conference tickets go on sale Easter weekend. Stay-tuned for more details.

CLOSED to applications


Thank you to everyone who applied!!

The second Babywearing in Canada Conference is taking place at the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre May 20 & 21, 2016.

May 20, 2016: Breastfeeding
Keynote speakers include Kathy Ventor and Stephanie George

May 21, 2016: Fathers
Keynote speakers include Brian Russell and Rick Goodwin.

If you are chosen, you will receive:

  • A write-up about your session
  • Free entrance the day you present (lunch and snacks are included)
  • Several conference bags to take home and share with family or friends
  • $15 coupon if you decide to put your information in the conference bag (non-transferable)
  • $30 off the cost of registration for the second day of the conference (transferable with notice)

Presenters will be notified by mid-April if their sessions have been chosen.



First BWIC Conference Seminar descriptions

Please see the detailed descriptions of the conference seminars.  Have you purchased your tickets yet? Space is limited. Get them here today!

9:00 am – 10:30 am:
Conference welcome & Babywearing in Canada parenting redux presentation
Speaker: Débora Rodrigues, President and CEO,

Description: I have been working in the field of babywearing since August 2008, and in that time I have seen many parents try to fully adopt all the principles of attachment parenting and fail.  I believe it is because attachment parenting is an incomplete parenting modality, and even undermines some of the benefits gained through babywearing. It is past time to reframe AP, to put it into its cultural perspective, and develop something different.

11:00 am to 12:00 pm:
Room one: Babywearing and Breastfeeding
Speaker: Britt Pegan, Owner of Milkface Nursingwear, & Chair of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance

Description: Breastfeeding is important.  It is the best food for your baby.  It is portable, and just the right mix as it changes throughout the day, including as your baby grows to meet its particular needs.  The best thing about it, is its convenience and portability. Which makes it a perfect thing to combine with babywearing!  Britt will explain at what age you should be able to comfortably start to wear and nurse your baby, explain what is a proper latch, what adjustments you might need to make to move your child from a nursing position and back again – depending on the carrier you are using.

11:00 am to 12:00 pm:
Room two: Babywearing and the Pelvic floor
Speakers: Karyn Jacobsen-Hughes, Owner of Kneaded Touch Clinics; and Débora Rodrigues, President & CEO,

Description: Being pregnant is hard on the body.  As your hormones prepare you for birth, they cause the pelvic floor to loosen & weaken, making recovery can be challenging for some women.  Karyn, from Kneaded Touch, is presenting jointly with Débora from Babywearing in Canada.  This presentation will make excellent use of Karyn’s knowledge of anatomy as she explains how the pelvic floor works, how it is supported by the muscles through to the abdomen, and how it can be weakened by placing too much stress by bearing weight in the front. Débora will then detail impacts in selecting the proper baby carrier.

1:00 – 2:00 pm:
Coping after a c-section
Speaker Jennifer Gillean, Ottawa Chapter Leader for ICAN, & Owner, Chelsea Retreats & Birth Story Healing

Description: C-Sections, even planned ones, can be extremely hard on a family trying to welcome a new baby into their fold.  Not only is the mother uncomfortable & in pain, needing help with simple tasks upon release from hospital, but their spouse is also needing to cope with transitioning to parenting all while taking care of the mother and the babe.  It can cause a significant amount of stress. Learn the issues parents face after a c-section.

2:30 – 3:30 pm:
Babywearing after a c-section
Speaker Andria Bell, Owner of Bell’s Babies

So how can babywearing assist new parents who have also undergone a c-section?  Andria will describe the impacts of a c-section on a mother’s body, both drawing from her own personal experience and from her experience as a post-partum doula & babywearing educator.  Andria will discuss realistic carrying after a c-section, and go through a variety of carriers to allow you to care for  both your body and your baby in this period.

4:00 – 5:00 pm:
Room 1:
Losing a child: Coping today, tomorrow, and forever
Speaker: Lorraine Rigby-Larocque, Owner of Birth to Breastfeeding

Losing your child is one of the most heart-breaking things a parent can experience.  It happened to Lorraine 20 years ago and she still thinks of that child everyday.  Lorraine has also survived many miscarriages (8), and cervical cancer.  Yet, you can find a way to move through it.  Lorraine will talk directly on this very sensitive topic while drawing for her own personal experiences, as well as an expert in pre-natal and post-partum care.

4:00 – 5:00 pm:
Room 2:
Kickstarting your Canadian baby carrier company
Speakers: Jenna Kelly & Bernadeth Betchi, Owners of TieLark

Jenna had a dream to transfer her love of fibre and artistry into a wearable piece of art that could be enjoyed by parents and their babes in one of the most touching ways imaginable, through babywearing.  Joining her in this venture is her good friend Bernadeth.  Come and learn of their journey, from planning their kickstarter, to learning how to weave, and how they arrived at their final wrap Prism with which they have launched their company.  Learn the highs, the lows, and about all the places in between.


BRONZE Conference Sponsor

Print qualityAbout Jennifer Walker, Insurance Advisor

Jennifer Walker helps families protect themselves with appropriate insurance solutions. As a broker she has access to quotes from multiple providers in the areas of life, health, disability, critical illness and long-term care insurance. Jennifer welcomes clients at her accessible, child-friendly office and can also visit clients at their home or place of business.

FPWM_LOGO2Her favourite carrier for her two children (now ages 5 and 2) is the Ergo. Website & facebook page.




Belly Laughs – GOLD Conference Sponsor

Belly Laughs Logo

About Belly Laughs

Belly Laughs was opened in November of 2007 by a mother who was transformed due to the birth of her first child.  She was so passionate about being able to offer products right in her community and with the help of her family, the store became a reality.

One of the things that helps create a great atmosphere in Belly Laughs is their staff of Moms. All but one of their staff are mothers and because they’ve all had different experiences in their journey to parenthood, it has added a depth to their level of service and experience. Between their team of moms, they have had high-needs babies that demanded to be worn all day & co-slept with at night, and babies that just enjoy the ride and coziness of a baby carrier. Their staff also understands the hardships that occur in motherhood as they have between them experienced many highs and lows.  This is why their business is all things mom and baby, from the every day to the unique and trendy.

All the products we carry are mom tested and staff approved. Belly Laughs has a great selection of brand name children’s and maternity clothing on consignment at the store. Be sure to check out their website and blog, where you can post any questions or suggestions you may have, or review the products they carry.

Visit their website today!

Check out this year’s agenda for the First Babywearing in Canada Conference.
PURCHASE your conference ticket HERE.

The answers to your conference FAQs


When and where is the First Babywearing in Canada Conference?
It is part of Babywearing in Canada week and takes place Thursday May 21, 2015, at the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre (OBWC).  The OBWC is at 2260 Walkley Road, at the St. Laurent intersection.

Purpose of the conference?
The conference is part of Babywearing in Canada Week (#BWICweek) which runs from May 19 to the 25, 2015, and its focus is on technical babywearing expertise and health & wellness, specifically relating to the post-partum period. Geared toward professionals, service providers, and parents hoping to improve their baby carrying skills, attendees will participate in understanding the impact of birth on women and families post-partum in a uniquely Canadian context.

How longwill it be?
Seminars will be offered all day. Registration starts at 8:30 am and closing remarks are at 5:30 pm.

Is there parking available?
Yes, there is parking on site both in front, and alongside the building. Parking is free.  Parking is also available along St. Laurent Boulevard.

What buses pass by?
You can take the 112, 114, and 148.  Nearest transit station is at Elmvale Mall, which is roughly a 20  minute walk in good weather.

How much does the ticket cost?
Ticket will cost $125.00 for the entire day.  It is a great deal – during the conference you will be able to take up to five different seminars – at only $25 a seminar, that is a steal!  Not only do you get expert babywearing technique and healthy & wellness information for the post-partum period,you get to meet and network with other members in your community.

Are meals included and are there restaurants nearby?
Yes, meals and snack breaks are included as part of the conference fee.  Should you like anything extra there are lots of options near St. Laurent and Walkley: A pizzeria, a Chinese take-out, a shawarma restaurant, and a Metro grocery store with hot and cold counter.  A bit further down the way is the Elmvale Mall, which also has quite a few options.

Can I bring my baby?
Yes, babies and nurslings are welcome.  There are some great benches just outside the main rooms where you can take care of their needs in case you need to duck out for a little break.  We ask that toddlers stay at home because they might not let you listen in and enjoy the full conference experience.

Are there giveaways and a conference kit?
Yes, a full list will be announced May 1, 2015, and some of our sponsors have already started posting on their facebook pages from you what you’d like to see in their giveaways!  Those who plan #BWICweek events also qualify for giveaways.  Sign up here to become an official celebrant.

How can I find out more information?
Stay-tuned and use the #BWICweek hashtag to follow us on all social media.  Also check back in regularly as more information is posted to the website.