Rick Goodwin – BWIC Conference

Rick Goodwin – BWIC Conference

Presentations: Counting us in & All father’s are sons

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Rick Goodwin is the founder of Men & Healing, and has worked as a social worker, educator, program manager, and has previously taught social sciences and social work at the college and university level. In addition to managing Men & Healing, he conducts training workshops for professionals on issues of male sexual trauma, family violence and trauma recovery across Canada, and in the USA through the organization 1in6 Inc. He will be presenting at the Babywearing in Canada Conference – have you purchased your tickets?

Rick’s accomplishments include:

  • Founder of Men & Healing.
  • Past co-founder and Executive Director of The Men’s Project.
  • National Manager to 1in6 Canada from 2012-2015.
  • Facilitator of a group trauma treatment program for men.
  • Various speaking engagements at national and international conferences on men, violence against women, and trauma recovery.
  • Co-authoringMen & Healing: Theory, Research and Practice with Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, a guidebook (2009).
  • recipient of theAttorney General’s Award of Distinction for his work in “developing and implementing innovative victim service programs” (2007).
  • Awards recipient fromThe Canada Council to the Canadian Mental Health Assocation.
  • Serving on the National Victims of Crime Advisory Committeeof Justice Canada as an Advisory Board Member to 1in6 Inc. (USA).

Come listen to Rick speak at the Babywearing in Canada Conference at the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre. Ticket are available here. Follow this link for more information about the conference program.

Count us in: The statement case for fathering.

Presented by Rick Goodwin, MSW, RSW, Principal, Men and Healing

May 20, 2016, at 4:00 pm
Babywearing in Canada Conference
Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre

Since time immemorial, the domain of parenting has fallen to women.  We are now at a time when both fathers and mothers can readily handle the workload of parenting, just like the role of being the breadwinner.

Or is it?

In Counting Us In, Rick will explore the perceptual and practical barriers still with us in order to help articulate the path of full father involvement. Delving into his personal reflections as a father, his clinical role in managing Ottawa’s Fathering program, and examining key issues in the public discourse, Rick will weave a compelling case statement on how we can remove the obstacles for full fathering involvement.

Rick is also offering another session, listed below.

All Father’s are sons: Examining the integrity and legacy of fatherhood.

May 21, 2016, at 12:30 pm
Babywearing in Canada Conference
Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre

In order to understand how boys become men, and how men become fathers we need to examine how does the role of one’s past, particularly the relationship with one’s father, influence how a man takes on the narrative of being a father. How does the work of historic integrity (resolving the issues from our past) interplay with emotional integrity (our relationships in the here and now) as well as emotional legacy (what we gift to our children).

Utilizing key themes from male-centred psychology and demonstrating its components through selected readings from literature, participants will be encouraged to reflect on aspects of their own narrative.  Recognizing that our vulnerability is strength, and that we can all transcend our personal histories no matter what they may be, this workshop will argue that meaning-making that can strengthen men to embrace their role of fathers -the best job on the planet.

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