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ByDébora Rodrigues Apr 8, 2017

Multinational babywearing support – Ergo Hipseat

We live in a multicultural country and one of the things that is guaranteed, for as long as there has been Canada Post, there have been relatives

ByDébora Rodrigues Nov 6, 2016

Keep the wrap

We had a really rough week in babywearing, around the name of a wrap, around the design of a particular brand that they’ve carried and that I o

ByDébora Rodrigues Nov 4, 2016

Growing into babywearing – Jenna’s Journey

Babywearing is something that grows with each of us. Take Jenna Rolfe, when she was pregnant she first asked for a standard front pack baby carri

ByDébora Rodrigues Oct 12, 2016

Backwearing – for all parents

There has been a real change in the language around back carrying these past few years. It has now become normal to view it as dangerous and

ByBabywearing in Canada Feb 28, 2015

Benefits of babywearing – Communication

There are many benefits to babywearing, but some of my favourites are the ones that arise from the natural symbiosis of the proximity effect. Spe

ByBabywearing in Canada Feb 14, 2015

Easy Peasy slip knot

Slip knots can really make wraps shine by increasing their adjustability.  Here is an early video of mine showing how to make one quickly and ea